Return Policy

I don't want any of my garments to end up in landfill until they are thoroughly mended, worn out, and the fabric has been reused for other purposes. For this reason I will take back garments that I've made, even years after purchase. However, since I'm currently a micro business operating on slim margins, I'm unable to cover the cost of return shipping. 

Full refunds for garments are available within 60 days of purchase. 

After 60 days, it moves to buyback.

Refund is based on garment’s retail price in CAD at time of sale.

I don’t pay for return shipping.

(Details of LyndenTree Design's buyback program will be coming eventually, feel free to contact me in the meantime if you're interested in a buyback before I'm able to get the information on the website.)


No refunds on epatterns.


Updated 5 February 2024